Jeezy - Holy Ghost

Jeezy Holy Ghost

The Seen It All take over is in full effect.  Jeezy has been on fire, and "Holy Ghost" is no different.  Seen It All: The Autobiography drops on September 2nd, and its going to be a problem.  Pre-order his album you get the free instant download of "Holy Ghost."


Why You Should Hear This

The Snowman is back, and he might be better than ever.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Official Video)

Tay Tay did it again.  Just non-nonchalantly dropping a song on August 18th and having it immediately turn into the song of the summer.  There are very few artists that have that type of command, but Taylor is one of them.  The best part about it is that she knew it would happen.  She can try to make it seem like she's all cute dancing around in what seem to be like Gap and Old Navy commercials, but in reality she's basically telling everyone "go fuck yourself, I'm doing me."  I love it and I love her.


Why You Should Hear This

There isn't a single Taylor Swift song that you won't sing along to when you're in your car alone

Mick Jenkins and YC the Cynic - Keep It 100

Mick Jenkins YC the Cynic Keep It 100

Mick Jenkins has been on an absolute tear recently.  First it was the official video to "Jazz," then it was his much anticipated mixtape The Water[s]," and now we have a YC the Cynic collaboration over a Ricky Dubs production.  YC the Cynic does his thing, but Mick is on another level.     


Why You Should Hear This

It's not a question of if Mick Jenkins will blow up, its a question of when.  

Ed Sheeran - Don't (Remix) ft. Rick Ross

Ever since we saw that picture of Ed Sheeran and Rick Ross drinking Bel Aire together, we knew a collab was coming.  Rozay jumps on Ed Sheeran's latest release "Don't" and gives us a dope verse.  I've always said that Sheeran's music would do well with a few remixes and bars over it and this one definitely doesn't disappoint.  Hopefully these two will give us a few more collaborations.  


Why You Should Hear This

Snow White yacht in my red Yeezy's, Ed Sheeran got these city streets tweakin'

Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name (Official Video)

This shit pisses me off so fucking much.  I was all fired up to watch this video last night and could not have been more disappointed. All of you music video directors, or whatever you want to call yourselves, listen up.  MAKE THE FUCKING VIDEO RELATE TO THE SONG, TELL THE FUCKING STORY.  Oh, and having a highway and a Jeep in the beginning of the video doesn't cut it.  There is no fucking chance that the King of Pop would have ever gave the okay to this video.  He's probably rolling over in his grave right now.  This dude gave us MOVIES for his music videos..."Thriller," "Smooth Criminal," "Bad," ... need I say more.  But yeah, I've got a good idea for a posthumous music video lets toss some dancers into a fucking desert but to make it okay we'll throw  in a few vintage clips of MJ in his prime.  Samuel Bayer you were sweet when you did "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and "What Goes Around," but for right now...go fuck yourself.


Oh and one more thing, you called that a 'Short Film' that a fucking joke?

Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] (Mixtape)

Yesterday marked the highly anticipated release of  Mick Jenkins' new project "The Water[s]". The follow up to "Trees and Truths" is an impeccable, concept-driven work of art that might just beat out Isaiah Rashad's "Cilvia Demo" for the title of the best piece of work released in 2014 so far. For many of you, 'The Water[s]' will be your first introduction to Mick Jenkins. If you have never heard of him, imagine the lyrical prowess of Kendrick Lamar, mixed with the melodic, soulful voice of the All-State Insurance commercial guy. Mick is taking hip hop back to where it is supposed to regards to flow, originality, and its roots in jazz. Let the waters fill your soul and make sure to download the young Chi-Town mc's new tape above. 


Why You Should Hear This?

"Since Boy Meets World, It's Been (Ben) Savage" - Song: Shipwrecked

Jeezy - Beautiful ft. The Game and Rick Ross

After seeing the track list for Jeezy's new album, Seen It All, this is one of the tracks that I wanted to hear right away.  Jeezy teams up with The Game and Rick Ross for "Beautiful," a soulful song about ...yup, you guessed it...all those beautiful things out there; bitches, cars, and cribs.  Usual topics, but the track is still pretty dope, check it out below and make sure you pick up Seen It All when it drops on September 2nd.  


Why You Should Hear This

Pretty great verses from all three of these guys